Start Your Business Outside of London

Brighton is an emerging hub for creativity, innovation and is now fast becoming one of the UKs best places to start your exciting new business.

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Living in Brighton

Obviously when starting a business in a different location you have to really consider whether you can see yourself living there so here are some reasons why living in Brighton is fantastic.

Brighton has often been referred to as one of the happiest UK cities to live in and a 2016 survey revealed 92% of residents were very or fairly satisfied with their local area as a place to live.

Brighton has a large student population with 14% of residents over 16 being in full time education (the regional average is 8%).

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Where to set up your business

Places such as: New England Quarter, Jubilee street development and Wooding dean Business Park are the most popular locations with newly starting up companies.

There are also many co office available throughout the city, if you’re looking to start a business in retail then the Laines in the perfect place to start up as its located at the heart of Brighton with tons of activity happening.

Keeping your office clean

There many great cleaning companies which offer excellent office cleaning services and have been doing so for many years now.

Some office cleaning services:

  • Mopping floors
  • sterilising your phones and keyboards
  • dusting public workspaces
  • cleaning windows internally

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Business Services

NEBS Management, example course and course providers

A really useful site is the Islington Council site:

or you can Contact Islington Council on Tel: 020 7527 2000 or walk to 222 Upper Street London N1 1XR