Business looks up to 2016 has businesses struggle to gain market share in shrinking markets

business banner displaysA number of businesses are resorting to clever marketing and advertising campaigns to gain a larger share of markets which are often shrinking as times continue to be hard, and the economy stubbornly refuses to improve.

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One way companies are getting maximum value from their marketing budgets is by using building hoardings, larger signage on their own offices, and even huge banners on the sides of their buildings.

As the companies leased line these buildings themselves it is in fact free advertising space. With the changes in available graphics, whole windows can be used as a display using specially treated films which show an image on the outside but which are see-through on the inside.

For more details of this type of product please telephone just displays on (020) 8805 1333 for more details on how you can use your free advertising space to the very best advantage.


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