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Business support and training in Islington
Islington is a district in North London which has grown from a village in Middlesex to being a major district with thousands of inhabitants. IT is also the home to Arsenal football club, and their stadium, the Emirates stadium.
Despite being home to a football club which employs multi-millionaire football players, Islington itself is not an affluent area, and there are many businesses and individuals in the area who take advantage of business support and training to help keep their businesses profitable.

Support through college
One of the best places to find business support and training on a personal level is at the local college in Islington, and by trying to catch people while they are still at school leaver age, the college hope to give training which can then be used later in life in business and everyday social situations.
The college have a management and business support team who have nine different areas in which they help local businesses and individuals to achieve what they set out to achieve.

To read more information about the colleges support department, or to see what those nine areas are, visit the college website here: Management and Business Support – City and Islington College

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Over a one year period with a fair wind, considerable application, and an open mind to ideas that may at times sound counter-intuitive, you’ll be well on the way to developing an exceptional business that works without you.

As a consequence you’ll have far more time to relate to your clients, to get to understand your marketplace and the opportunities therein and work to on strategic matters that really build the business rather than working  'in' the business day to day. Simply stated, within 1 year you'll have your business that’s working hard, not you. 

 Without his gentle but persistent guidance, solid advice and all round support we would not have achieved the extraordinary results that we did.

Business Services

NEBS Management, example course and course providers

A really useful site is the Islington Council site:

or you can Contact Islington Council on Tel: 020 7527 2000 or walk to 222 Upper Street London N1 1XR